EULIP was foundedin 1946 by a margarine manufacturer who createda small plantin Parma, close to thetrain station area. In the late 50's passion, engagementand study of more sophisticated new technologies EULP was transformedinto a modern industry.

In 1984,the company moved the head quarters to a new production site in S.P.I.P.Industrial District, where EULIP still resides, reaching the current structure and definition.

EULIP invested resources, efforts and passion in the creation of mixtures of vegetable oils and fats designed for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries becoming leader in the production of specialty fats.

Since its foundationin 1985, along side the range of special blends containing standard oils and fats, EULIP has been dedicated to the cultivation, processing and marketing of cereals and BIOLOGICAL oils. Since 2009 EULIP has continued to invest into eco-sustainability becoming,at first, RSPO member, and later, in 2010, RSPO certified for all typesof suppy chain models; continuing to base its principleson criteria ofenvironmental, economicand social sustainability, working and qualifying its supplierson the basisand in compliance with SA8000.
EULIP always believes in innovationas a value-added and kept on investingin that; providing products with high quality standards, strong partnerships, maximum efficiency and flexibility.


"In order to make things REALLY GOOD and USEFUL for people life and  in respect of environmental sustainability and correctness, which always guides all our actions"