EULIP S.p.A. refines vegetable oils and fats with the most modern refining techniques while minimizing environmental impact and getting products with high degree of neutrality.
Thanks to the study and the construction of a new plant for physical refining, vegetable oils and fats are produced with a more and more high quality and perfect neutrality.

EULIP S.p.A. owns several storage tanks, all in stainless steel (304-316) equipped with stirrer and heating. Raw materials and finished products are stored under nitrogen to prevent oxidation and preserve their quality.


The production of EULIP S.p.A. today is equipped with:

- Three lines for neutralization.

- Three lines for refining.

- Physical refining plant for organic products.

Spray-Dryer plant for fats in powder form.

- Hydrogenation plant.

- Fractionation plant.

- Automatic loading system.

- Different packaging lines.

- Pilot plants for research and development.


"Projectuality, commitment and innovation are added values in our work"