Be curious and open mind in the research in order to innovate"


The internal Laboratory of EULIP S.p.A. is equipped with the most sophisticated analytical tools:

-Gas chromatographs,
-D.S.C(S.F.I), N.M.R(S.F.C)

R&D utilizes a pilot plant in order to formulate products adhering to costumer requests and then moves to the industrial-scale production.

The pilot plant allows to transfer a process on an industrial-scale for the implementation of products on wich researches are in progress for new formulations and / or new applications.

Flexibility and adaptability make the R&D of EULIP is guarantee of innovation and vanguard in the world of vegetable oils and fats.



Solutions for your projects:


  • Replacing of hydrogenated fats
  • Reductionof "Trans isomers" of fatty acids
  • Reduction "saturated" fatty acids 
  • Creation of special fats PALM FREE
  • Formulations of special fats forthe replacement of productsof synthetic or petroleum chemical origin 
  • Formulation of specialty fats with particular relationship between Sa.FA,Un.Sa.FA and PUFA for specific nutritional needs.
  • Products with high neutrality to enhance other components of a recipe
  • Improvement of the characteristics of chocolate:

-Avoid the out cropand bleaching

-Improve surface gloss

-Reduce the post-hardening



“Believing strongly in innovative and sustainable projects”