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We are a company that has been deploying experience and innovation in the world of vegetable oils and fats for applications in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors for 80 years.

We are committed to ensuring that our customers can always count on our commitment and ability to always guarantee them products of the highest quality, certified, functional and safe.

Our strategy is also strongly linked to sustainable growth and the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the plants, in order to reduce the impact on the environment and guarantee customers healthier but also more sustainable products.

Our history

From 1946 to the 1950s

Founded in 1946 in Parma by a margarine manufacturer, EULIP initially dedicated itself to the cultivation, processing and sale of organic cereals and oilseeds.
Towards the end of the 1950s, innovation and the application of advanced technologies transformed EULIP into a modern industry.

From 1984 to the 2000s

In 1984, EULIP moved to a new factory in the S.P.I.P. industrial district, acquiring its current structure.
Since then, through significant investments in resources and technology, it has established itself as a leader in the production of vegetable oils and fats for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, specializing in high quality fats.

From the 2000s to today

Starting from 2009, EULIP has focused on eco-sustainability, becoming a member of the RSPO and obtaining RSPO certification in 2010.

It continues to operate following rigorous environmental, economic and social sustainability criteria, maintaining high standards in the selection of suppliers.

Since 2016, it has strengthened its production capacity by introducing new technologies and processes to reduce contaminants, confirming its commitment to innovation and environmental protection.

Our mission:

To be top qualified supplier in producing customized vegetable oils and fats in the field of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

We believe in knowledge and innovation as added value and has continued to invest in this, always providing its customers with products of the highest quality standard, maximum efficiency and flexibility.

We have always aimed to provide superior quality products and services, committing ourselves to the continuous acquisition of knowledge and expertise, both in the research and development of new products and in the plant engineering field using highly qualified personnel and highly specialized technicians.

In our strategic path we have faced initiatives to improve our performance and anticipate market needs.

The goal is to further differentiate ourselves by strengthening the strength of the partnership with our customer, offering experience, support and co-development, creating more differentiated and specific solutions that meet the needs of each individual.

Our commitment

“In order to do good and truly useful things for people’s lives, respecting eco-sustainability and correctness, which always guides our every action”

Discover all our values


We are committed to running a sustainable business through the use of renewable energy, systems based on modern and innovative technologies, minimizing consumption and emissions.

Research and development

Through knowledge of the products, through internal research and selection of the raw material, thanks to synergy with customers, research bodies, sector associations and laboratories.

Quality and safety

Our certifications guarantee the quality of our products, food safety, full traceability of raw materials and exclusively GMO-free supply chains.