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We refine vegetable oils and fats with the most modern refining techniques, minimizing the environmental impact and obtaining products with perfect neutrality.

Thanks to over 80 years of experience and knowledge in the world of vegetable oils and fats and thanks to constant study and research, we involve expert technicians in the construction of cutting-edge systems, paying attention to the environment, food safety, aiming to obtain of products with very high quality standards.

The installation of a new production line, efficient in both qualitative and quantitative terms; more respectful of environmental issues with consequent reduction in consumption.

Installation created with the support of Facilitated Finance “FONDO MULTISCOPO” and PR-FESR.

EULIP has numerous storage tanks, all in stainless steel (304-316) equipped with agitator and heating.

Raw materials and finished products are stored under nitrogen to avoid oxidation and preserve their quality.

Our production is equipped with:

  • Three neutralization lines
  • Four refining lines
  • Physical refining plant for organic products
  • Spray-Dryer system for powdered fats
  • Hydrogenation plants
  • Fractionation plant
  • Automatic loading system
  • Different packaging lines
  • Pilot plants for research and development