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Innovations and solutions each single need


Continuous improvement


We produce vegetable oils and fats for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

We have always believed in innovation as an additional value, continuing to invest in this, providing products with the highest quality standards, strong partnerships, maximum efficiency and flexibility.


Our company, a leader in the production of high-quality vegetable oils and fats, stands out for its Business to Business-oriented offering, satisfying the specific needs of the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Food sector

Oils, vegetable fats and special customized blends to improve the shelf life, stability, texture and taste of the finished products.

Pharmaceutical sector

High-quality customized solutions for the pharmaceutical sector, based on experience and flexibility.

Cosmetic sector

Blends of natural vegetable fats as eco-friendly alternatives for the cosmetics sector that replace synthetic ingredients.

Costumized solutions:

We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and expectations.

Thanks to our technical skills and profound knowledge of the characteristics of the raw material, we offer customized solutions and product development that respond to specific requests in terms of quality, composition, purity and desired functionality

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Our commitment

“In order to do good and truly useful things for people’s lives, respecting eco-sustainability and correctness, which always guides our every action”

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We are committed to running a sustainable business through the use of renewable energy, systems based on modern and innovative technologies, minimizing consumption and emissions.

Research and development

Through knowledge of the products, through internal research and selection of the raw material, thanks to synergy with customers, research bodies, sector associations and laboratories.

Quality and safety

Our certifications guarantee the quality of our products, food safety, full traceability of raw materials and exclusively GMO-free supply chains.

Our certifications

Our drive towards to excellence and quality is evidence of the numerous certifications we have obtained over the years.