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Product types

Our products are created starting from the careful selection of the raw material, passing through the preservation of its integrity and optimal conservation.

Thanks to our systems and continuous research, always keeping quality and safety in the foreground, we valorise the starting products and the original raw materials.

We deal with a very wide range of vegetable oils and fats: seed oils, vegetable fats, tropical butters, cocoa butter. Starting from these raw materials we create special greases for the most varied end applications.

By different type of process, they are divided into:

Refined fats

The chemical and/or physical refining of vegetable oils/fats and their special mix, obtaining products with perfect organoleptic characteristics, neutrality and stability over time.

Fractionated fats

Fractionation allows the separation between portions of vegetable fats based on the specific behavior and physical characteristics of the individual fat, leading to the separation of more concrete portions and softer/liquid portions.

Interesterified fats

Interesterification allows you to obtain products for particular types of applications.

Hydrogenated fats

Hydrogenation allows you to act on the degree of establishment of the starting fat/oil based on specific application needs, to improve thermal and oxidation stability.

Powder fats

Spraying in the absence of supports, via a spray-dry system in a non-oxidative atmosphere, allows us to obtain a powder product, suitable for specific applications and technological needs of customers.

Semi-finished products

Highly functional semi-finished products for particular applications allow you to make the most of the characteristics of vegetable oils and fats and their possible interactions in the finished product, combining the latter with specific ingredients.

To meet market demands it is possible to purchase products in different formats and packaging such as:

  • Cartons and bags (10 ÷ 25 kg each)
  • Drums (180 ÷ 195 kg each)
  • IBC box (900 kg each)
  • Pails (5 ÷ 24 kg each)
  • Eighth (500 ÷ 900 kg each)
  • Tanker (5 ÷ 28 tons)